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About us

PonteMed is a 2015 founded Swiss medical technology group for non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive products, with subsidiaries in 6 countries and the operational business is managed worldwide from our office in Vienna/Austria.


Main product is PelviPower, a new, patented method of treatment that trains your pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles purposefully and effectively without invasive medical procedures.


It is state-of-the-art medical technology with targeted support for individual training, developed in Switzerland and manufactured ‘Made in Germany’.


PelviPower is available in two versions: 


1. Magnetic Field Trainer – MFT – Medical version (CE Medical certified), Medical product class 2A 

Targeted to Medical institutions (Physiotherapy centers, Clinics, Doctors …)

2. Magnetic Field Trainer – MFT – Sport version – fitness product

Targeted to Sport and training institutions (Sport therapy centers, Spas, beauty centers, premium gyms, …)

If you are interested in our products and PelviPower will fit into your portfolio, we would be pleased to receive your feedback in order to discuss a cooperation.

Strengthen your core.

Train your pelvic floor.

Fast. Simple. Effective.

IMG_1026 2.HEIC

Kata Bene
Spain / Hungary

How Pelvipower works ?

Strengthen the entire muscular system of the pelvis in the hip, buttocks and thigh area. The repeating magnetic pulse stimulates and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles on a neuromuscular basis. The micromassage effect significantly stimulates blood circulation in the entire trunk as well as in the lower lumbar region.


- Noticeable effect from the first unit

- 15-20 minutes per training session in street clothes

- More effective than conventional

pelvic floor self-training

- Great success through optimal pelvic floor strengthening thanks to innovative technology

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