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Be part of Pelvipower Team:

On first site our topic a bit intimate and embarrassing for many of us. But it is -unfortunately- surprisingly high problem in our society. So first of all we help, we help people to live quality life! On the other hand we offer a fantastic business.


We supply the whole package, from the equipment, optimal set-up, software, training cards for clients/patients, information material for referring physicians and network partners, patient questionnaire, promotional material, etc.

In addition to a technical hotline, we are always there for you promptly and gladly for all technical and other questions.


We are therefore pleased about a long-term professional cooperation with our location partners. We now have over 70 international partners. Together we form the "PelviPower Academy", our internal platform for professional exchange and the monthly "Academy Talk", where 1-2 cases from different locations are presented and discussed in one hour. Our expert team of doctors and therapists is constantly dedicated to worldwide research in the field of magnetic field therapy, so that we now have a whole collection of studies on various areas of application, which we make available as application recommendations. On request, we can also create individual programs for special needs, although this is more the case in the clinical field but is possible for any location.


There are two possibilities:

1.PelviPower Medical system, a class IIa medical device and equipped with a range of special therapy programs for different indications.


2. "PelviPower Sport", which can be used more broadly as a non-medical product and is geared in its program selection to the essential functions of "vitalization" and "build-up" as well as programs specially developed for the back (lumbar spine). This is what we would see in the fitness sector. 


As an option to the magnetic field trainers, we also offer a BioFeedBack trainer. This strengthens the self-awareness of the pelvic floor and shows the progress made with the magnetic field trainer "quickly, easily and effectively".


In addition, pregnant women or people with contraindications (pacemakers, metal implants in the hip) can also perform efficient pelvic floor training.


With both devices, clients/patients are largely able to train independently with their training card after the initial introduction.


Evaluations are most useful after the first 5-7 training sessions. Overall, it has been shown that between 10 and 20, on average about 15 training sessions (preferably 2 - 3 times per week) lead to sustainable success.


For more information, treatments, prices and videos please check our websites:




We can create an individual offer for you, both in terms of price and how PelviPower best fits into your facility.

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